Stocking Fillers – Under £20..

Although Christmas is my favourite time of year, and I want to spoil everyone – I have just finished my degree and needless to say, I am not made of money! To me, Christmas isn’t about getting really expensive gifts, it’s about the thought that goes into it and sometimes the cheaper the better!

That being said, I still want to get good quality gifts, even if it means hunting for a few cheaper alternatives, or some deals! This little gift guide is a few ideas of what I am loving, things I would tend to get friends and family, or what I would be so grateful to receive. Although this may appear to be a long post – I wanted to give a variation of products and you can pick what you’d prefer to read! I have included all of the links to these products.

1.  Lush Gift Boxes

I have included two Christmas themed gift boxes. Now I love lush due to their products being Vegan and cruelty free (this is very important to me!) and also they are just such good quality and all smell amazing. I believe gifts like this are perfect because who doesn’t love a pamper? Christmas is the perfect time to relax and unwind.

The first includes a bath bomb and a candy cane bubble bar for £9.95. The fact they are Christmas themed just makes it even cuter! Separately, the bath bomb is £3.95 and the candy cane bubble bar is £3.95 – although the gift boxes are lovely, you may just want one of the products!

The second includes the famous Snow Fairy mini shower gel, and the snow fairy jelly bomb – which both smell like sweets! This gift box is £12.50 but if you were just looking to get one or the other – the bigger shower gel is £9.95 (250g) and the bath bomb is £5.95.

2. Christmas Socks 

Who doesn’t love Christmas socks to get them feeling a little festive! I have included some of my favourites that are affordable for both him and her.

Firstly lets start with women. The majority of shops these days sell very similar products, but here are some I usually shop at. Firstly New Look – this 3 pack of Grinch themed socks is £9.99 which is a bargain – also if you aren’t looking to spend loads and you have more than one person to buy for then it is perfect. Second is ASOS, now they have such a wide variety of Christmas socks, but these stood out to me the most as they came in a bauble (I have bought these myself for someone!) which is super festive and adds a little extra touch – these are priced at  £5. Lastly we have Topshop, this is typically my go to due to there being a 3 for £8.50 deal but individually they are £3.50. As my friends all love to spoil each other with gifts, this helps me when it comes to money, as they are good quality products for a good price.

Time for mens. Now when it comes to shopping for my brother, I like to get him something extra to go with his main gift and I always sway towards socks! The first image I have included is Happy Socks, the quality of these are just great and you know they are going to last you a long time. Individually these are £10 but you can also get gift boxes if you are looking to spend a little more. Secondly theres Topman, very similar to Topshop with the 3 for £8.50 deal or £3.50 alone – there are always a wide selection of prints and patterns, and usually a few funny pairs, so you can’t go wrong. Lastly I have included a pair from Next, I love Next and I feel the quality of their products is really good, and I  know many guys who shop there. This twin pack is £6 which again is super affordable and you could always split these between two people.

If you were looking to spend a little less on a product like this, check out Primark as they have such amazing deals like 5 pairs of socks for £2.50 which is a bargain!

3. Skinny Dip – Bath & Body

As I’m sure you have gathered by now I love anything pamper related, so when I saw these products in boots I couldn’t say no. Boots had a 3 for 2 deal so I had to take advantage of that!

Not only is there a wide selection, the packaging is great. I do not own the fizz bar yet (left image) but this is £5.50, the bath soak (middle image) is £8.50, and lastly the body lotion (right image) is £6.00. The products above are coconut but they are available in peach and watermelon too. They also sell body scrubs, washes, shower milks and bath sherbets.

4. Ring Lights & Selfie Lights

As we know, the LuMee phone case was so popular, but not necessarily affordable and all the cheaper versions didn’t seem to last for long! Then came the ring lights, which I’ve heard are amazing (I am still yet to try but I am tempted to purchase one). As we are living in a generation where social media plays such a big part, I know a lot of people my age, especially in the beauty and blogging industry love products like this.

The first product is a Selfie Light by Fizz Creations – available at ASOS for £9.99, this just clips right onto your phone! Secondly we have the ELF cosmetics ring light which is £14.50 and this also clips onto your phone with three levels of brightness, helping you create the perfect selfie. Finally, I found this product on Amazon, it has three different settings and not only can you attach it to your phone but also your mirror – perfect for beauty bloggers or people just starting Youtube if you cannot afford a more expensive one.

5. Face Masks 

Face masks, one of my weaknesses in life – do I have far too many? Yes. Will I keep buying them all? Yes. Although I have tried a wide variation such as mud masks, sheet masks, and glitter masks I wanted to include some I own, as I can give my honest opinion on them. They range in prices and I have included masks for both him and her. Ladies first.

Firstly I have included Anatomicals, one of my all time favourite skincare brands – they’ve got so many different face masks and they are all amazing. This 3 pack off asos includes; deep cleansing clarifying mud mask, mattifying face mask to reduce shine- and calming anti-stress face mask all for £3.50. Secondly we have Soap and Glory, I have tried the Balance Boosting mask and I am yet to try the Pore-Refining mask, but this gift set includes four face masks and an eye mask all for £12.50 – if you wanted to split this gift into different stockings or gift boxes it would be perfect. This is available on Boots. Lastly I have included GlamGlow – a more expensive face mask as this little pot is £16 for 15g. They are good quality but it just depends how much you are happy to spend on these products. Available on Boots, ASOS and Look Fantastic.

Time for men! I found all of these products on ASOS.

The first two products are Barber Pro, supposedly one of the best brands. The first is a post shave cooling sheet mask for £4.95 that soothes and reduces redness after shaving. Secondly is a pack of three detoxifying peel off face mask that aims to refine pores, control oil and reduce blackheads – all for £4.95 which is super affordable. Lastly is a more expensive product, but it would last longer than a one off sheet mask. This clay mask helps to remove excess oil, dead skin cells, impurities and blockages all for £17.45.

6. Books

Little books can be the perfect stocking filler if your family members or friends are into that! I have found a few different ones off ASOS which would slot right into those stockings.

I’ve included a variety of different ones all of the same brand but there are so many more on different topics. They range from £5.99-£6.99.

7. Make Up

As we all know make up can be expensive and if you’re looking for a little something that isn’t going to cost too much then travel sized products are the way to go! They are perfect if you know someone wants to try out something but doesn’t want to buy the full size. The first product I have included is Benefit, they have a variety of their products in miniature sizes pricing from £10.50-£12.50. This Hoola is £12.50 whereas the bigger one is £25.50.

The bottom three products I have found on ASOS in the Christmas section. The first one is a little Velvet Teddy – a very popular lipstick from MAC – the bigger version is £17.50 but this miniature one is only £10. Secondly we have Too Face – Better Than Sex mascara, another popular product. This mini version is £10 where as the full sized product is £19 – not a huge difference. Lastly we have the famous MAC Fix + – a product I just adore. The mini is £12 and the full size is £19.

8. Homeware/Living

Now homeware is something I am obsessed with, I just cannot get enough. Candles, cushions, diffusers – all of it!

The first idea was an Alphabet mug, lots of shops seem to do a variation of this such as Anthropologie, Matalan and Wilkinsons. The one I have included is from M&S – it is £5 and comes in all different colours. Secondly we have a 2019 planner, a must for anyone who loves keeping on top of important dates, plus it’s super cute! I have chosen a fairly cheap one for £8 – but if you wanted a more expensive one look at Anthropologie and Kate Spade. Last is candles, another weakness! I own far too many but you can never have enough. These are a Yankee Candle gift set of three off Amazon for £4.29 but it comes with different options where you can upgrade! Other places which are great for candles are Primark, Asda and Tesco.

9. Boots – Gift Boxes

Boots has such good deals already, but I especially love it around Christmas when they get all the gift boxes in. All of these are included in the 3 for 2 mix and match deal, making it more of a bargain. I have included some personal favourites for him and her below.  Starting with ladies, there are literally so many options which varies from hair care, body care, skincare and make up.

The first product I have included is a Mark Hill Hair set – where for £18 you can get a paddle brush, a bottle of hair spray and a styling book – a little on the pricey side but I’ve heard amazing things about Mark Hill. Secondly I’ve chosen a Soap and Glory product – I love all their body care goodies and I’ve tried so so many. This gift set is £20 but you get six products – all full size except the hand cream! The third gift box is a Nip & Fab extreme glow box – the title had me hooked! For £18 you get two face masks, a highlighter palette and a liquid exfoliator which to me is really well priced as a lot of other brands would price just one of those items for £18. Finally theres the Sanctuary Spa Lavish Luxuries – something that would be perfect for someone a bit older. For £15 you get 5 products which all sound so dreamy and relaxing.

Now for the mens products, although I am not an expert in what is good for men, having male family members has helped me get a rough idea of what to go for and what to give a miss. First of all we have a 4 piece wash bag kit for £20 that includes, shower gel, face wash, moisturiser and shave gel – I know a few men who use L’Oreal and love it.

The second gift box I have chosen is a Bulldog beard care kit for £15 where you get a beard shampoo & conditioner, beard oil and a beard comb – this would be a perfect gift for several of my family members! The third gift box is from FCUK, priced at £12 it includes hair & bodywash,  body spray and a pair for boxers. Finally there is a Jack Wills gift set including soap, body spray and three pairs of socks (which are great quality) all for £15.

Boots also have a lot of food and drink gift sets which could be perfect for your family members, friends or loved ones.

10. Jewellery

The last idea for this stocking fillers post is jewellery – the perfect little gift to show someone how much you care. This does not have to be expensive at all, and more brands are creating affordable products which are good quality.

The first item I’ve included is a personalised necklace from Bloom Boutique, this is just one of many affordable products but I bought this for myself not long ago and it is all I wear! It is only £16 and such good quality. Secondly we have Topshop rings, my go to. I tend to buy cheaper rings as I lose all of mine! This 5 pack is £7.50 which is great (ASOS also has affordable ring packs). Finally I’ve included some statement earrings off ASOS, I am a sucker for a huge pair of earrings – they add so much to an outfit especially a pop of colour. This pair is £10 but if you wanted to go a bit cheaper head to Primark as they have so many dupes for more expensive pairs.

Moving on to mens jewellery. A lot of my male friends tend to wear chunky rings and chains, so this section has been inspired by them!

I adore chunky rings on guys, I think they are super fashionable and they seem to have a way better selection then us girls – ours are all so dainty! The first is a three pack of silver rings from H&M for £6.99 which is really cheap for rings – I am unsure what the colouring is like and whether it would rub off but I think most brands have fixed this problem now. Secondly I’ve chosen a chain from ASOS which is only £6 – again really affordable and can be a great accessory for an outfit. Finally another chunky ring, but this time it is plain, just to add some variation. This is only £4 off ASOS which again is really cheap, if you’re looking for a little extra something for your friends or boyfriends I think this is a great stocking filler.

Don’t forget another perfect stocking filler is chocolate, and lots of it!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe Elisabeth x


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